Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Sweet Promotion tools!

Hello all!
I have a fantastic little way that I promote my ETSY shop and I want to share it! I make cute little "fashion pins" and give them out. There quick to make and everyone loves them! I have a bucket of them out at my boyfriends restaurant and there usually gone within a week! I also give my family little promotion packs (filled with these pins) and they distribute these pins in other states and city's where they live....thank goodness for family!!

What you will need:
1. Black foam board
2. color print outs with your business name on it
3. 3/4" pins
4. glue stick (or rubber cement or spray adhesive)
5. paint brush and ModPodge
6. bottle of supper glue
7. exacto knife & ruler

The first thing I did was design a little graphic I liked about 1"x1" and filled a sheet of paper with it (I used Photoshop). Then I used the glue stick and glued the paper onto the foam board. Using the ruler I cut out all of the tiny squares. After all the squares are cut out I glued the pins onto the back with super glue.

Finally I brush on the ModPodge in a thick coat and let it dry thoroughly. I have tried using spray fix or clear coat but it always smells too bad. These are a great promotion tool and people love um!! If you make more then one image people will tend to want to collect them all.

I hope you found this to be helpful and a cheep and fun way to promote yourself! I have lots more fun ideas so stay tuned!!


  1. that's a wonderful idea!
    thanks for the tutorial aswell!

  2. Still have a drawer full of these.. PROMOTION PROMOTION. and LOVE.. lots of LOVE and MISS YOU.