Monday, December 29, 2008

"The Christmas rush is through...."

Well, almost. The whole gift giving and frantic family visits are over with for this season. It was a good one this year (if you dont count the 3 day flu that found me). I did however miss my sis who is out in Cali for grad school (go her!). I am SO happy I did get to see evryone I did, I love my family SO much! Now just a few days to the anual ball drop and over hype of the new year- does anyone ever have that perfect new years eve party? I feel like Ive been seachring for it every year only to be disapointed. My best new years memories are spent as a kid with my family, not dressing up and finding the right party but getting sick on sparkling grape juice, chip dip and watching the MTV countdown after a crazy night at the bowling alley. I miss those times and look forward to having a family to rekindle that tradition.

So back to the full time job. I feel like I have been spoiled with days off over the last few weeks; and when I do go there is not much work to do. I do however love my job now that I switched positions. I work at a computer doing auto cad around NORMAL people, I wont explain that one.

Now for the dreaded January and Febuary. Welcome! Just please be gentle. For the new year I have lots of hopes and wishes for everyone- mainly happiness, we all need something to be happy for.


  1. Great blog! Love your comments on the new year, so true!

  2. Glad your Christmas was a good one.. bummer on going back to the "other" job. Good job on the first blog.

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